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This place is where I talk about my personal projects, interests and whatnot. Not necessarily related to audio, although it often is. Under the Musings button you'll find things related to perception and conciousness which of course are very much applicable to audio!

My library lists lots of (historic) audio papers and studies that I personally find important to understand many different issues in audio.

I also have collected the interviews I've done with audio luminaries. Take some time to read and digest them - there are very interesting and worthwhile gems in each of them! My projects however is audio stuff - things I designed, wrote articles about, and my personal system. Comments and remarks are always welcome!

Last but surely not least, let me mention my publication Linear Audio. Published twice per year, over 200 pages of technical audio related articles from international authors. Article abstracts and author bio's can be read at the website, and some articles are available for free online.

So, take a look around, explore the various areas and let me know what you think!

My fall US trip & then some

It's that time of year again: Oct always sees me in the US to meet lost of old friends, authors and make new ones! And it's audio that binds us. First, on 6 October, will be Burning Amp in San Francisco at Fort Mason on the bay. I will have something to show & demo this year! A Smyth A8 Realiser driving a Stax headphone. A truly revolutionary device! But also looking forward to see and hear many excellent diy creations, as always! The weekend after that I'll be at the 10th Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. I will be sharing a booth with Elektor International media, the new owners of audioXpress, and they will have some pleasant surprises in store for readers, so please stop by for a chat! We'll be in the lobby. And yes, I'll bring the Realiser along as well. To make it a round trio, the weekend after THAT (actually 17-20 October) there's the 135th AES convention in New York. Again I will share a booth with EIM and that occasion will also be the launch of the new, revamped and enlarged audioXpress! So whichever show you'll go this year do make a point of stopping by for a chat, I'd love to get to know you and hear any comments or suggestions you might have for Linear Audio and related stuff. See you soon!