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This place is where I talk about my personal projects, interests and whatnot. Not necessarily related to audio, although it often is. Under the Musings button you'll find things related to perception and conciousness which of course are very much applicable to audio!

My library lists lots of (historic) audio papers and studies that I personally find important to understand many different issues in audio.

I also have collected the interviews I've done with audio luminaries. Take some time to read and digest them - there are very interesting and worthwhile gems in each of them! My projects however is audio stuff - things I designed, wrote articles about, and my personal system. Comments and remarks are always welcome!

Last but surely not least, let me mention my publication Linear Audio. Published twice per year, over 200 pages of technical audio related articles from international authors. Article abstracts and author bio's can be read at the website, and some articles are available for free online.

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CFB and Transimpedance circuits


Ian Hegglun send me two historical articles on the properties of so-called Current Feedback Amplifiers and Transconductance Circuits in general.

Insight into the gain-bandwidth product of amplifiers by Hayatleh, Hart and Lidgey. This is a 2005 article from Electronics World. The other document is from Erik Bruun, Feedback Analysis of Transimpedance Operational Amplifier ciruits, from a 1993 IEEE journal. Please note that these are meant for personal study and education - for professional use you should request copies from the publishers.

One person who is involved in developing and marketing CFA amplifiers send me a pretty complete overview of the CFA opamps out there, including the ones that have been discontinued. You can download the table here. The RED types are the discontinued ones.

A recent addition: Xavier Ramus from TI gave a very nice presentation on the various aspects of CFA versus VFB. As with many (all?) things engineering, some designs shine in a specific design concept, while other shine in another context. It's all 'it depends'.

And even more insights can be gleaned from Chris Pauls articles in AudioExpress, July and August 2018, Current Feedback: Fake News or the Real Deal?. Recommended; with thanks to AX's Editor-in-chief João Martins.