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This place is where I talk about my personal projects, interests and whatnot. Not necessarily related to audio, although it often is. Under the Musings button you'll find things related to perception and conciousness which of course are very much applicable to audio!

My library lists lots of (historic) audio papers and studies that I personally find important to understand many different issues in audio.

I also have collected the interviews I've done with audio luminaries. Take some time to read and digest them - there are very interesting and worthwhile gems in each of them! My projects however is audio stuff - things I designed, wrote articles about, and my personal system. Comments and remarks are always welcome!

Last but surely not least, let me mention my publication Linear Audio. Published twice per year, over 200 pages of technical audio related articles from international authors. Article abstracts and author bio's can be read at the website, and some articles are available for free online.

So, take a look around, explore the various areas and let me know what you think!

Measurement Means and Methods


I'm mostly an electronics guy but now and then I venture into speaker design, like for my SpeakerCamp project (at about 3:13 minutes). In looking for test methods for speakers I came across a very interesting article by George Ntanavaras, who designed an accelero-meter based test set to measure mechanican vibrations from speakers and enclosures. I purchased the PCB from George and build up the unit, and it has been a very worthwhile addition to my lab. In fact, I had trouble getting it back from friends who loaned it 'just for s few days'!

The article has been published in AudioXpress and they have agreed to place the article online for those who missed it. Also, George let me know that he still has PCBs and front panels available to help you get going quickly and cleanly. Recommended for anyone who really wants to know about enclosure vibrations and the effects of bracing, material selection and stiffness etc.

Contribution by Demian Martin for all you ultra-low distortion oscillator designers: how they did it in the Krohn-Hite KH4024. A very large file!

Dr. Hirata et al Engineering Report for the AES from April 1981, on a distortion measurement method that gives insight into the TYPE of non-linearity rather than a single distortion number: Non-linear Distortion Measurement Using Composite Pulse Waveform.

A different, but related type of transient testing by Southworth, from 1966.

Contribution by John Curl related to the LT1166 bias chip. The measurements are here and here.

Notch filter Auto-tunes for audio applications - John R Ambrose (EDN July 2010)

HP 3577A application note for using the 3577 to do loop gain measurements of a feedback loop: HP PRODUCT NOTE 3577A-2

"Possible methods for the measurement of transient intermodulation distortion", Matti Otala and Eero Leinonen, Technical Research Center of Finland, 1976.


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