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Cyril Bateman's Capacitor Sound articles

Update April 2017: I was made aware of another large zip-repository of Cyril's work. Thanks to Kevin Thompson and Sebastion Veyrin-Forrer. 

During 2002 and 2003 Electronics World published a slew of articles by Cyril Bateman on capacitor distortion, dielectric absorption and several other subjects. The series also detailed his purpose-build test equipment and was published under the title 'Capacitor Sound'.

This was a landmark series and is still read and consulted frequently. I asked Cyril to write an update for Linear Audio, addressing new findings and products since the publications of the series, and he kindly agreed. The new article appeared in Linear Audio Volume 9. Sadly, Cyril passed away early 2015 after a life of contributing to technical progress.

As a backdrop for the new material, Cyril has kindly agreed (and the Editor at Electronics World has kindly allowed) to post the original articles on this site.

So here they are - enjoy the read!

1 - Ultra low distortion test oscillator, EW July 2002

2 - Test output buffer and twin tee/notch preamp, EW September 2002

3 - Test results for capacitors of 10nF and smaller, EW October 2002

4 - Test results for capacitors larger than 100nF but smaller than 1uF, EW November 2002

5 - Comparative test results for 1uF electrolytic and film capacitors, EW December 2002

6 - Test results for electrolytics 10uF to 100uF at 100Hz, EW January 2003

7 - Real Time hardware system, EW July 2003

8 - Distortion versus Time versus Bias, EW August 2003

9 - Stand-alone distortion meter, EW September 2003